IFSO rewarded competent girls at Ambassel Woreda


Integrated Family Service Organization (IFSO) has awarded 69 students (all female) attending grades 1 to 12 and who ranked 1st to 3rd    in their academic performance.

The ranked students were drawn from 2 primary, 1 secondary and 1 Preparatory schools found in Wuchale City, Ambasel Woreda of the Amhara Region.  Surprisingly enough, among the 11 grade 9 ranked students, 10 of them were from the Girls’ Hostel, which was established by IFSO to support girls coming from poor families of rural kebeles. 

The awards comprised of supportive academic books, exercise books and pens. The award was given at a special ceremony held on June 25, 2013 in the presence of local government officials, parents, students and staff of IFSO. While delivering the opening remark of the ceremony, Mr. Andnet Sebsibe, Head of the Ambassel Woreda Administration, stressed that education is the only gateway to break the cycle of poverty and serves as a ladder for better achievement in life. He also appreciated the effort made by IFSO to help the education sector in general and poor girls’ education in particular.

After receiving the award, one of the awarded students from the Girls’ Hostel expressed her feeling on behalf of her colleagues Accordingly, she said,

 “In our area, we used to commute 3 to 6 kilometers to reach the nearby school. We had been exposed for a risk of quitting school due to forced marriage and or abduction.   We are fortunate enough to get such opportunity. IFSO nurturing us like our father and mother. Thanks to the support that IFSO is providing for us; we are now proud of ourselves and become confident that we can perform even more compared to our male counterparts. Our current academic achievement has witnessed this fact. Had it not been for the support of IFSO, our fate could be migration to the Middle East or employment as house maid in different cities.”