Text Box: Drama and literature training

Training was conducted for children on acting and script writing. The objective of the training was to enhance childrenŐs cognitive and communication skills. The child initiated activity was usually carried out during their break time and accordingly with their choice
Twenty-one children participated in the training for forty eight contact hours and graduation was conducted on September 2, 2013. These children selected from the out skirt of Addis Ababa, which is commonly called Gelan Gura and Kilinto sites of Akakai Kality Sub city.  Out of twenty-one students sixteen of them are females. The major topics covered on the training are acting skill and script writing.
In the training both the theatrical and practical approach was applied in learning process. During the graduation day children have staged a short drama, which focuses on the problem of early marriage and all participants performed perfectly. Apart from this each trainee has presented short poem to the audience. 
Finally children were awarded certificate for the successful completion of the training.
It was learnt that the graduates would show dramas in new Ethiopian school academic year in their respective schools.
On the graduation day some traineesŐ parents, representative of Woreda children, women and youth office and IFSO staff attended the event.