Oasis- Sustainable Development for Children Rights Project



The project is a child focused and development oriented project of Integrated Family Service organization, IFSO.  It is a five years project which is started in 2007 and being implemented in seven selected communities (sites) found on the ‘Entoto” mountain range of Yeka and Gulele sub–cities of the Addis Ababa city Administration. AC-International Child Support of Denmark is the only donor of the project.


General Objective: By 2011 basic rights to education, health, protection, and participation of children and youths at Entoto mountain range of Gulele and yeka sub cities are respected and protected.


Specific Objectives:


Project Components: natural resources management, alternative basic education, health care and awareness, and social empowerment.

Target group: Children, youths and families in The Entoto mountain range, Schools and students at the foot of the mountain range, community actors, local and national authorities.


Major Activities:






Status of the Project: Phase Out


For more information on the current activities of the different project components such as natural resource management, alternative basic education, health awareness and community based care, social work and empowerment activities and other related activities such as networking and advocacy, monitoring and documentation including lessons learned and problems encountered during the execution of the project is available in the  2011 Annual Report of IFSO.