Skill Training and Family Counseling Project


      Stabilization of families, empowerment and recognition of rights of orphans and children of marginalized households in Yeka Kifleketama and neighboring kebeles by the year 2007.

      Mobilization of the local community to integrate children & youth from under privileged families through integrated education and family counseling.


Target Groups: The target groups were school drop out youths, aged 18-25 with at least 3 siblings below age 15.



      The project provided skill trainings in hotel and child care, beauty and hair dressing, heavy machine operator, like dozer operation skills, as well as counseling and reproductive health awareness services. A total of 527 youths (450 female and 77 male) got the services of the project and 68% of the youths were employed.

This projected phased out in 2008.


Status of the Project: Phased Out