Rehabilitation and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse Project



Rehabilitation and prevention of Sexually Abused children project has been implemented since November 2002. Rehabilitation center for sexually abused/raped children was established in November 2002. The center provides its services to children who are under the age of 15 and from economically weak families living in Addis Ababa.  The beneficiaries are usually referred from the Police, multi sectoral joint project, sub city women and children affair offices, hospitals/health institutes, Federal Court or self-reporting.


General Objective: to rehabilitate the victims of sexual abuse children by providing medical, financial and psychological counseling and prevent the negative impacts of rape sexual abuse among children and youths by community mobilization.


Specific Objective: 


I. Rehabilitation unit


II. Prevention Unit


Major Activities:



Status of Project: Ongoing


For more information on the current status of the project in terms of  different indicators such as number of children supported by donors, medical treatment and nutrition support provided, counseling support, provided school and home visits made, educational and entertainment programs conducted, trainings, workshops and meeting conducted, residential and foster homes provided, including lessons learned and problems encountered during the execution of the project is available in the  2011 Annual Report of IFSO.